Council of the State proclaims Cizdeizd as successor to Aaron I

The Council of the State declared Willow Cizdeizd I as the successor to King Aaron I, following his announcement of intention to abdicate. The statement was released by The King on behalf of the Council.

The Council of the State has completed its selection of a candiate for the Head of the State. Willow Cizdeizd I has accepted their offer and will become the State of Hokoria’s Monarch on the 13th June 2024.

Council of the State statement

This is the second time that Cizdeizd has held the Head of the State position in Hokoria’s history, having founded the nation in March 2023 and later resigning in September 2023. Since their resignation, Cizdeizd held positions in the Department of Exterior Affairs and was later elected as the Chancellor through their successful campaign with the Founder’s Party of Hokoria.

How does the appointment take place?

Cizdeizd has accepted their formal offer from the Council of the State to be the successor to Aaron I, with it being agreed that the succession should take place on the 13th June 2024.

According to succession law, they must read an oath to the State of Hokoria, in the presence of the Council of the State. After this, they formally become the State of Hokoria’s Monarch.

No public ceremony will take place, and the Department of the Interior has not yet made a decision on whether the 13th June 2024 will be a national holiday.

What title will Cizdeizd take?

Cizdeizd has not formally said what title they will adopt when they become Monarch, though they are expected to adopt the style of “Their Majesty”. This means that His Majesty’s Royal Office will likely become “Their Majesty’s Royal Office”.

They officially have Candidate status, as the successor to Aaron I.

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