Browse the GOVHOK website for services, forms and information.

Includes businesses, organisations, working and volunteering.

Includes citizen status, identity documents and your details.

Includes the WeAreHokoria Discord community and society groups.

Includes elections, referendums, voting and the Hokorian Assembly.

Includes education, learning and educational certifications.

Includes the environment, climate and animal welfare.

Includes using Hokorian documentation abroad, getting support abroad and Exterior travel advice.

Includes the Monarchy and the Royal Government of Hokoria.

Includes diplomatic credentials, aid, collaboration, foreign policy and recognition.

Includes legislation, enforcement and justice.

Includes births, deaths, marriages, civil partnerships, adoption and care.

Includes money, taxes, spending, earning and debt.

Includes terrorism, national emergencies and threat levels.

Includes about the State of Hokoria, national holidays, the flag, the Royal Territory of Atlantis and the Territori Reial de Keraland.

Includes visas and immigrating to the State of Hokoria.

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