Chancellor shuts down Government

Chancellor, Willow Cizdeizd I, has shut down the Royal Government of Hokoria. The shutdown impacts His Majesty’s Royal Office (in part), the Department of the Interior (in full) and the Department of Exterior Affairs (in full).

It’s with regret but with the best intentions that I partially shut down the Royal Government of Hokoria, with the support of the Royal Officers for the Interior and Exterior Affairs.

The shut down has one goal- to highlight the unsustainability of how the Government currently operates. The King is aware of my concerns and I hope that together we can resolve all unsustainability without compromising our nation’s wonderful complexity.

Willow Cizdeizd I, Chancellor

What does the shutdown mean?

  • All non-essential Government services will be shut down (including citizenship, projects and more).
  • The Government will not respond to queries and communications that are not considered to be emergencies.

How long will the shutdown last?

There is no set date that the shutdown will end, meaning it could end within hours or weeks. The most likely way that the shutdown will end is through King Aaron I presenting the nation with a Government-backed plan.

How do shutdowns work?

The Cizdeizd shutdown is the first Government shutdown that can be considered a ‘protest’. There are no regulations on protests and what services must be provided during shutdowns. The Royal Government of Hokoria, including the Chancellor and Royal Officers, report to and are officially appointed by the King.

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