Royal Office announces title and style of Willow I

His Majesty’s Royal Office has announced the title and style of Willow I, who succeeds King Aaron I on the 13th June 2024.

Willow I will assume the title of ‘Koru’, and the style of ‘Their Majesty’ upon succeeding King Aaron I as he abdicates on the 13th June 2024.

The new title of ‘Koru’ was chosen by Aaron I and derives from the Scandinavian word ‘krona’ which means crown. This turned into ‘Koro’, ‘Koru’ and ‘Kora’ in Hokorian.

His Majesty’s Royal Office statement

His Majesty’s Royal Office will fittingly be known as ‘Their Majesty’s Royal Office’, with Willow I also assuming the position of Chair of the Hokorian Assembly. King Aaron I will be stripped of all powers and will take a position as the ‘Former Head of the State’ within the Council of the State, swapping places with Willow I.

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