Flag of the State of Hokoria

The flag of the State of Hokoria was unveiled by the Government in December 2023.

The State of Hokoria’s flag contains 7 navy blue and 6 white stripes, all at a 57.8° angle. On the left of the flag is a solid navy blue bar which contains 7 symbols that are intended to represent stars, 1 of which is larger than the others and positioned in the centre of the navy blue bar. The other 6 symbols are positioned around the larger star, symmetrically.

Flag of the State of Hokoria


  • ‘Hokorian Navy Blue’ – HEX: #283272, RGB: 40, 50, 114.
  • ‘White’ – HEX: #FFFFFF, RGB: 255, 255, 255.


The Flag of the State of Hokoria (Version 2, December 2023) was created by Andrew Snye. The flag may be used for commercial and personal uses, with adaptations also being permitted.

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