About Hokoria

The State of Hokoria is a self-proclaimed state that borders the United Kingdom, Spain and Hong Kong. We were founded on the 11th March 2023, and declared independence from the United Kingdom on the 31st March 2023.

The Royal Government of Hokoria governs the State of Hokoria nationally, whilst territories are locally governed and administrated by Territorial Governments. There is a growing number of people who consider themselves to be ‘Hokorian’ across the world, taking advantage of the fact that Citizenship is free to acquire.

The nation is overseen by the Monarch, Their Majesty Koru Willow I, with the Monarchy being an integral part of Hokoria.

Whilst territory is a key part of the State of Hokoria, the Royal Government of Hokoria considers it to be ceremonial, with most physical services being provided by the Governments of foreign territories. The Royal Government of Hokoria aims to purchase land and become a self-sufficient state.


On the 31st March 2023, the State of Hokoria declared itself as an independent state in a declaration that denied the recognition of local or national authorities of the United Kingdom in its territory.

The authenticity of the State of Hokoria and its territorial claims can certainly be disputed, though our community and existence are unquestionable.

Their Majesty Koru Willow I

National principles

On foundation, 5 national principles were established by the nation’s founder, Their Majesty Koru Willow I.

  • A place of welcome
  • Anti-fascist
  • Ever changing
  • With people in mind
  • Peaceful, forever
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