Forfeiting privacy notice

When you use the forfeit service, you have the right to know what information we collect, why we collect it and how we keep you in control of your information.

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Government data handling policy

The government data handling policy applies to the forfeit service. This privacy notice acts as an extension to this, in order to be fully transparent about how your data is used when using the forfeit service.

Forfeit service

When you use the forfeit service, we collect your last name, Citizen Tracking ID and email address so that we can verify your identity and the legitimacy of the submission. This information is not stored and is processed and used for decision-making in regards to your submission.

Upon the submission being approved, the Department of the Interior will remove all stored data in our registry of citizens (the Central Registry of Information), with the exception of your email address and Citizen Tracking ID.

If you have used the forfeit service on behalf of another person, you must have been given their explicit consent, or where you are submitting an application on behalf of someone aged under 13, you must be able to legally consent on their behalf.

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