Flag of the State of Hokoria (March – December 2023)

The first flag of the State of Hokoria was designed in March 2023 by Willow Cizdeizd. It features a tri-colour design which includes vibrant colours.

It is no longer officially used within the State of Hokoria after a new flag was adopted.


The flag of the State of Hokoria (March 2023) contains the following colours:

  • Pink – HEX: #ff0061 RGB: rgba(255,0,97,255)
  • Green – HEX: #00ffbf RGB: rgba(0,255,191,255)
  • Blue – HEX: #4fa3ff RGB: rgba(77,163,255,255)

Credits and usage

To the extent possible under law, Willow Cizdeizd has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Flag of the State of Hokoria. This work is published from: United Kingdom.

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