Adoption and care

It is possible to register adoption with the Royal Government of Hokoria. Registrations of adoption are handled by the Department of the Interior. Fostering and other types of care are not yet recognised.

How we recognise adoption

The Department of the Interior has issued the following requirements for registering an adoption.

  • The adopted person must have been aged under 18 at the time of adoption.
  • At least one adopted parent must be a Hokorian Citizen.
  • Must be able to provide documented evidence of the adoption.

Where a registration is successful, the Department of the Interior should issue a certificate of adoption, also known as an adoption certificate. Certificates of adoption may be used within the State of Hokoria and are recognised by the Government and all public bodies.

Foreign documents

The Department of the Interior and the Department of Exterior Affairs work together to certify documents issued by foreign territories. Foreign documents may be used as evidence in a birth or death registration, though may be subject to denial in rare cases.

Documents issued by foreign territories considered as ‘micronational’ are especially subject to denial.

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