Check eligibility for citizen status

Individuals who want to become a Citizen of the State of Hokoria may use the eligibility service to apply. Applications for citizenship in the State of Hokoria are handled by the Department of the Interior.

How it works

The eligibility service will ask you questions about yourself. Answers must be truthful- providing false information on an application for citizen status will result in your application being denied.

Answers are checked by our systems to ensure that you meet the requirements as stated in the Act of Citizenship (2023).

Requirements for citizen status

  • Must be aged 13 or over.
  • Must not have been convicted in a criminal court of violent or sexual crimes.
  • Must be a resident of a foreign territory recognised by the State of Hokoria.
  • Must not have previously submitted an application for citizen status.
  • Must not have forfeited or had citizen status removed.
  • Must not threaten national security or the integrity of the nation.

How requirements are assessed

Your application is first assessed using our automated eligibility checker. The system will inform you if you are not eligible for citizen status.

Once your application passes the eligibility checker, your application is reviewed by an official. Applications may be denied for any reason, and the Department of the Interior does not typically provide reasons of why applications are denied.

There is no appeals process for denied applications at this time.


The eligibility checker is considered to be an application for citizen status, and is subject to the Government data handling policy and the Citizenship applications privacy notice.

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