Royal Government of Hokoria

The Royal Government of Hokoria is the central governing body of the State of Hokoria. It’s overseen by the Monarch and the Chancellor and was first established on the 11th March 2023, then known as the ‘Central Government of Hokoria’.

Royal Government of Hokoria

3 branches

6 officials

8th government

The 8th Royal Government of Hokoria was appointed by Their Majesty Koru Willow I on the 15th June 2023, following their succession of His Royal Highness Aaron I.

Branches of government

The Royal Government of Hokoria has 3 branches of government, similar to ministries: His Majesty’s Royal Office, the Department of the Interior and the Department of Exterior Affairs. Branches of government are typically led by a Royal Officer, with the exception of His Majesty’s Royal Office which is led by the Monarch.


His Majesty’s Royal Office

The executive office of the Monarch and the Chancellor, managing the Government, the nation and democratic processes.

The logo of His Majesty's Royal Office

Monarch: Willow I
Chancellor: Waqiy ibn Ayatch al-Narjid


Department of the Interior

The department for national matters including the management of Citizenship, supporting Citizens and providing public services.

The logo of the Department of the Interior

Royal Officer for the Interior: Sakura Walsh


Department of Exterior Affairs

The department for international matters including the management and application of foreign policy and participation with foreign territories.

The logo of the Department of Exterior Affairs

Royal Officer for Exterior Affairs: Willow I

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