The Monarchy

The Hokorian Monarchy was established in 2024 when Aaron I, then the Head of State, declared himself as a Monarch and reformed the State of Hokoria into a Monarchy. The State of Hokoria’s Monarch is elected by the Council of the State, an exclusive body that was established in 2023 according to the Order of Succession.


  • Their Majesty Koru Willow I (serving 2024-present)
  • His Majesty King Aaron I (served 2024-2024)

Second Dziedzic era

The second Dziedzic era, though the first as a Monarchy, is the current time period of Their Majesty Koru Willow I’s reign. This period began on the 13th June 2024, when Aaron I abdicated and Willow I became his successor.

Ross era

The Ross era was the time period of Aaron I’s reign. This period began on the 18th February 2024 and ended on the 13th June 2024 when Aaron I abdicated.

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