Environment and climate

The Royal Government of Hokoria is committed to environmental sustainability and climate action, which is why we’re committed to becoming a net-zero nation by 2026.

Climate statement

Here at the Royal Government of Hokoria, we care deeply for the planet. It’s a beautiful thing, something that we should be very appreciative of. However, it’s undeniable that humanity is having a devastating impact on it through our choices. We believe in a healthy planet that lasts for generations and generations to come, which is why we do our best to reduce any impact that we may have.

Royal Government of Hokoria’s climate statement

Environmental and climate commitments

The Royal Government of Hokoria has made various commitments relating to the environment and climate.

Net-zero by 2026

We believe that we have the ability to reduce our emissions completely by 2025, as well as offset all carbon and become net-zero by 2026. We have a responsibility to do our part to reduce Hokoria’s impact in the climate crisis.

Fund environmental projects

We’re committed to spending at least 5% of our national income between 2024 and 2026 on funding environmental projects.

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