WeAreHokoria Discord community

The WeAreHokoria community server is the informal, though official, community Discord of the Royal Government of Hokoria. It’s a space for connecting our international community of Hokorians, and for others to meet and learn more about our community.

Joining WeAreHokoria

In order to join the WeAreHokoria Discord community, you must have a Discord account. Registering a Discord account is subject to Discord’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. As a public server, anyone can join the WeAreHokoria Discord community.

Discord Community Terms of Use

The Department of the Interior and Their Majesty’s Royal Office have issued a Discord Community Terms of Use which applies across all Discord servers of the Royal Government of Hokoria.

Moderation of WeAreHokoria

The WeAreHokoria Discord community is moderated by some Government staff, as well as some non-Government volunteers. Never share personal or otherwise sensitive information about yourself or others in the WeAreHokoria Discord community.

Any moderation concerns can be reported to the server moderators through the specified mod-contacting channel.

Appeal a ban from WeAreHokoria

If a user is banned from the WeAreHokoria Discord community, they may appeal the ban through the Department of the Interior’s ban appeals form.

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