Waqiy al-Narjid becomes Regent

The Council of the State has approved Waqiy al-Narjid as Regent, after Willow I declared themselves as incapacitated. On the 9th July 2024, Willow I enacted the Royal Order of Regency which allowed for a Regency to take place.

I have accepted an offer from the Council of the State to act as a Regent as Their Majesty takes time to recover.

We are unsure how long this Regency will be in place, and Their Majesty has expressed that they would like for the upcoming Chancellor election to be delayed in the case that they do not return to duties in time.

It has become apparent that we are facing a very tumultuous time regarding the leadership of Hokoria. But I will do all I am capable of to ensure we remain a stable and thriving nation. I request for any issues to either be forwarded to me or the correct government institution.

I do wish Their Majesty a swift recovery during their time off from public duty, as well as good wishes to the people of Hokoria to stay strong during this phase of our government.

His Highness, Regent Waqiy al-Narjid
Released by

Royal Government of Hokoria

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