Aaron I abdicates; Willow I becomes successor

His Royal Highness Aaron I has abdicated, with Their Majesty Koru Willow I succeeding him as the Monarch of the State of Hokoria.

And just like that, the State of Hokoria enters another era. I cannot express enough gratitude to Aaron I for taking over as the nation’s Head of State when I felt unable to do so. He took on such a great responsibility and kept my dream alive.

I’m once again the State of Hokoria’s head of state, this time under the new title of Koru. The Monarchy is the greatest thing that Aaron I has left us with, and is something that will surely be maintained for eras to come.

As a nation, we have come very far from when I first founded Hokoria in March 2023. I couldn’t be prouder of the community we’ve built, the Government that we’ve developed and how much we’ve all learnt as individuals.

To many of you, today, the 13th of June, is just another Thursday. But for Hokoria as a nation, it is such an important day and one that will be remembered as a core event in Hokoria’s history.

Today, the Ross era ends, and the second Dziedzic era begins.

Released by

Royal Government of Hokoria

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