8th Government is appointed

Their Majesty Koru Willow I has appointed officials to the 8th Royal Government of Hokoria, following an earlier dissolution of the 7th Royal Government of Hokoria.

Waqiy ibn Ayatch al-NarjidChancellor
Sakura WalshRoyal Officer for the Interior
Christopher SlantDeputy Royal Officer for Asian and Oceanic Affairs
Daniel GomezDeputy Royal Officer for African and European Affairs
Aaron IRoyal Advisor for Languages
Elias von OberholtzRoyal Advisor for Religion and Culture

Their Majesty’s Royal Office

The Chancellor, Waqiy ibn Ayatch al-Narjid, was previously the Deputy Chancellor under the 7th Royal Government of Hokoria.

Department of the Interior

Royal Officer for the Interior, Sakura Walsh, has served as the Royal Officer for the Interior (or equivalent position) since March 2023.

Department of Exterior Affairs

A Royal Officer for Exterior Affairs has not been appointed. The Department of Exterior Affairs will be overseen by Their Majesty Koru Willow I.

Christopher Slant and Daniel Gomez were appointed as Deputy Royal Officers for specific Exterior jurisdictions.

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